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You can make use of branding for everything from starting a new business to a family event. I can help you create a visual identity for anything. If you're looking for elements that you can use to come up with your own media, your branding package will include typography, color palette, design elements or iconography, and backgrounds that can be used in print and on social media posts. If I'm designing your media for you, I'll use all of those things to design your event so it's cohesive and unique to you. I'm currently working on a baby shower including a family crest. Click to see more on these.

Lilly Darling LOGO.png
Shoot Out LOGO.png

​How it Works

After talking about your wants and needs, I'll come up with a few basic options for style. We'll narrow it down to one  and communicate during the process until we have everything you will need. Upon payment, you'll get the package or completed graphics for the event in the format needed.

Price $25/hr

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