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My first memories of graphic design involve typing, tape, and old-school clip art that was cut out of books or magazines. I would arrange and tape it all on one page, then run it through the copier to get the end result I wanted.

Some time in the 90s, the library in my small town got a computer with a Print Shop

program. I would spend hours there making banners, cards, and  posters for whatever

I was working on and printing them on their dot matrix printer.

I know, I am dating myself. But the truth is, I have always loved this stuff.  No matter

what stage of life or occupation I was in, I always found a way to  work in my passion

for design.



Over the years I did pro bono graphics, videos, and websites for my family, friends,

and church, dreaming of one day doing it for real. It was these people that encouraged

me to launch this ... and here we are.

I've been around for awhile. Because of this I feel I can relate and understand the likes and needs of all ages. I learned long ago that everyone is different and has different likes. I strive to design what YOU like. I have thick skin. I can take critique and feedback - I actually welcome it - because that's what gets us to what you want.


And don't think I can't relate with the younger crowd. I currently live with four teenage sons. They do their due diligence in keeping me relevant. Add to that my three adult daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren, and I feel like I'm pretty well rounded. I have never stopped designing and observing what's current in design. Whether I'm reading a billboard or watching a commercial, I see font, layout, colors, style. 

Can I do anything and everything? No. If your need is beyond what I can do I'll tell you. But if it is something I can do for you,

you can rest assured that I will not rest until you are happy with your design. 

I look forward to discussing your design needs.

Jill Hoff

Starting your own business is a giant step with many challenges along the way. We wanted someone to who would listen and understand our desires while helping us maintain a professional appearance with all of our marketing.


Jill continually performed beyond expectations every step of the way including our business logo, building our website, producing brochures, flyers and posters. She gladly designs oversized banners and business cards.


Everything we’ve needed had to be custom designed and that’s where Firefly7 excels. After all of these years, when Jill sends over a proof, I still find myself saying “that’s perfect!”


Time and time again, other businesses have complimented our materials and I am proud to refer them to Jill. Whether you’re a team of one or you’ve grown your business into several locations, Jill at Firefly 7 Media, will tackle your task with great enthusiasm and soon you will be saying, ”perfect!”


If you want it done right, you want Firefly7 Media.    


Neal Bennett – Founder/President, Occupational Chaplains of America

It is an absolute

joy to partner with Jill at Firefly7 Media over the past several years!

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