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Whether you need a brochure for your business, non-profit, or family event, I can design something for you!

Business Brochure Outside


Business Brochure Inside


Golf Tournament Brochure Outside


Golf Tournament Brochure Inside


When my daughter, Sabrina, was touring with the group Urshan United, they stayed with us for a couple of nights.

I made this brochure for them when they arrived. You can use a brochure for ANYTHING!

Hoff House BrochureInside.png
Hoff House BrochureOutside.png
OCA Booklet Final.png

Booklet Designed for OCA

Click on it to view the entire booklet.

​How it Works

First, we talk about what you're looking for regarding style, colors, and what you will be using the graphic for. You provide me with the text and any logos or photos you want included. We'll communicate throughout the process until you are happy with your design. Upon payment you'll receive your graphic in the format needed for its use.


You will have full legal copyright for all brochures and booklets.

Price $25/hr

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